What is Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping?


"What is Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping" 

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"What is Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping" is available in multiple formats including Kindle, iPad/iBooks, Kobo, Sony Reader, Nook, and PDF!

"What is Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping" introduces integral accounting vocabulary, concepts and principles to give a foundation for learning accounting. Using conversational style language, the discussion on the differences in financial and managerial accounting give the reader a clear understanding of what financial accounting is. 

"What is Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping" provides step-by-step guidance through the accounting equation: (1) how to use the accounting equation in analyzing business transactions, and (2) using the accounting equation and transactional data information to later prepare financial statements and how those financial statements are linked together. 

"What is Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping" contains an accounting quiz and example accounting exam questions, with solutions, and a glossary of terms.


These eBooks are designed specifically for students of accounting and/or individuals wanting to learn bookkeeping, start their own bookkeeping business or brush up on their accounting knowledge. These topical eBooks are written in a classroom lecture format using examples to stress important points with easy to understand language. Included in each eBook are quizzes and exam questions to help solidify the knowledge presented in the book.

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